• Brazillian Rosewood Near Mint Condition Vintage Juan Orosco Classical Guitar


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    For your consideration is this Vintage, 1981 Juan Orozco 56-U-28 Brazillian Rosewood Classical Guitar. It has a 26.6" scale. 2.02" nut width. 14.75" bottom bout and is 4" deep.  This incredible find is yet another James Hood 'closet queen' which sat dormant for 35 years and was discovered and 'woken up' by the current owner.  This guitar does not have a single scratch on it, most importantly... it plays and sounds beautifully.

    The Orozco instruments are celebrated for their warm, big tone, and this is no exception. This classical has a special quality to it. The cedar top and Brazillian back and sides come together to provide a warm yet articulate bottom end and rounded highs.  It is very even in volume between the bass & treble strings with none of the sharp tones found in lesser models. The woods here have aged nicely resulting in very good projection and natural resonance found only with age.

    The neck here has a fantastic feel- .96" deep at the 5th fret with a flat U profile. This, combined with the traditional concave fretboard radius, makes it a comfortable player.

    The look is classic- natural finish showing off the grains, multi-ply body binding/purfling, open geared machines, and pearloid, carved heads.

    This Orozco is in near-mint condition.  It was set up by James Hood, the frets are clean- with action of just over 11/64" at the 12th fret on low E. The intonation is excellent, verified and checked with an electronic tuner on site.

    This beautiful instrument comes with the original case and original paperwork from Juan Orosco, New York.

    Other Orozcos have realized prices of $5k+.  This is your chance to get your hands on a 1981 56-U-28 Juan Orosco Brazillian Rosewood Classical guitar at a reasonable price

    Don't pass this by!

    History (wikipedia)

    Juan Orozco (born 14 April 1937) is a Spanish Luthier and guitar impressario who lived in New York from 1965 to 1995, where he had a famous guitar shop at 156, 56th Street from the 1970s to 1990s.

    He is the third in a family of guitar makers (his father, Juan Orozco, built guitars in Spain, Uruguay and Brazil). He was actively involved in the development of classic guitars in the mid-1970s (starting as early as 1969) together with great Japanese luthiers like Matsuoka, Tamura, and Yairi, who then developed guitars for TamaIbanez and Aria (at that time the small workshop where they worked was in the company Hoshino Gakki who own Tama and Ibanez). They also built guitars in the Kohno-Sakurai style (models #8, #10, #15) that were sold with the "Juan Orozco, Luthier" label. 

    Later the Orozco guitars were equipped with a very characteristic headstock, different from the Fleta-style headstocks they had first. In the majority of user reviews, the majestic volume and sonorous bass sound of Juan Orozco guitars are emphasised.

    Juan Orozco III is still active in the guitar business, in particular with the "Aranjuez" strings that he developed, but also with his guitar series "Artesano" (that are built today in Spain) and with guitar cases. He also organised guitar concerts and is well known by many great guitar players and luthiers.